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Speech & Drama lessons include a range of drama and voice-related activities designed to improve self-confidence, communication skills and performance ability. Speech and drama classes incorporate poetry and prose to engage and inspire students and to foster a love of reading and literature.   Lessons are designed to assist children and adults to become confident, creative communicators.  



The Speech component focuses on the way we speak to help students gain clarity of speech. This includes:  

  • Breathing Tension release  

  • Vocal health and maintenance  

  • Articulation  

  • Diction  

  • Vowel and Consonant placement  

  • Tongue twisters  

  • Modulation  

  • Volume and projection  

  • Voice tone  

  • Public speaking and debating

  • Poetry recitation 

  • Talks/Speeches

  • Reading aloud

  • Sight Reading

  • Interview skills

  • Correction of common speech faults such as lisp, mumbling, nasal tone and substitution.  


The Drama side of things focuses on how we present ourselves. This includes:  

  • Mime  

  • Movement  

  • Improvisation  

  • Role play  

  • Characterisation  

  • Playbuilding  

  • Storytelling  

  • Theatre sports  

  • Quick thinking  

  • Focus and concentration  

  • Memorization skills            

…..among many others

N.B.The curriculum will vary depending on the students age and skill.



A safe environment is provided for students to challenge themselves without feeling embarrassed or afraid of making a mistake. Drama games and improvisation are fun activities that allow students to stand up and present themselves without the pressure and hype of a “performance".


Learning how to speak well is one of the first steps to improving communication skills – every lesson includes some vocal training as well as the opportunity for students to practice eye contact, concentration and listening skills.   Creativity

Creating drama, inventing characters and telling stories are an integral part of lessons. A wide range of poetry and prosen is also incoporated to engage and inspire students and to foster a love of reading and literature.


Speech & Drama Will Help One To...


  • Develop versatility and confidence in the use of language

  • Gain an appreciation of literature and enjoy presenting it for an audience

  • Speak with clarity, vitality and courtesy Extend social skills

  • Improve listening and discussion skills Learn to interpret and present prepared work with sensitivity and sincerity Imaginative responses in improvised work Learn to problem-solve on role play

  • Learn how to listen, think and respond with courtesy

  • Learn appropriate use of vocabulary

  • Learn general communicative skills Increase self-esteem and Confidence Improve pronunciation  

  • Improve tone of voice

Speak Up!

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