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Sing Out!


  • Blend of Bel Canto and Estill techniques

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Vocal health and maintenance

  • Tension release

  • Basic Theory

  • Posture alignment

  • Singing through the Passaggio

  • Breath Support

  • Communication of song text

  • Tone and Timbre

  • Scales and Exercises

  • Increase of vocal range

  • Engaging the voice

  • Head Voice

  • Chest Voice

  • Resonance

  • Mixed Belt

  • Vocal Control

  • Dealing with music performance anxiety

  • Singing in other languages

  • Ensemble singing

  • Harmonising

  • Microphone technique



Classical, Pop, Jazz, Music Theatre, Rock, and Folk


N.B. The curriculum will vary depending on the students age and skill level


Clearly enjoyment is an incredibly important aspect of music and music education.  But what are the other benefits?  Music has the ability to vastly benefit students in all areas of their lives:


  • Develops discipline (in particular developing an ability to engage in and acknowledge the rewards of delayed gratification)

  • Develops self-motivation and dilligence

  • Helps to gain an appreciation of music

  • Improves self esteem and confidence

  • Enhances a student’s ability to communicate ideas both directly and creatively

  • Improves social and team work skills

  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills

  • Reduces stress levels, promoting relaxation Improves memory

  • Develops excellent listening skills

  • Provides a student with a skill that has potential to become an income for them

  • Proven to enhance verbal communication

  • Proven to help the brain think more quickly

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