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"Breony Bearman has taught our daughter for two years; the first year speech, drama and singing in a group of three students and the second year singing lessons on her own. I would fully recommend her as a teacher to anyone interested in learning these subjects. She brought out the best in my daughter by her enthusiasm and expertise in her teaching. She related very well to the children by making lessons fun at the same time as challenging them to do their best. She has a genuine and kind manner. Because she has  wide musical and performing experience we appreciated the wealth of new and interesting materials that she could bring to the singing repertoire. Breony has always been very professional, flexible and acted with integrity. When it came to sitting exams, she pulled out all the stops to help Eleanor do well. And we were lucky to hear her own wonderful voice through the house during the singing lessons! We are so sorry she is moving away and wish her all the best for her future." - Louise & Geoff Stone

"During the past year Breony has taken three of my children for regular speech and drama lessons. We have been thoroughly delighted with her professionalism, her promptness, her management of the children and the quality of instruction and inspiration she has imparted.  The depth of her knowledge and experience is evident in both her own speech and personal presence as well as in the lessons that she planned and taught. Two of my children have had speech impediments since infancy and she has also been able to provide excellent guidance and exercises to improve their articulation. We are extremely disappointed that she has shifted to far for us to continue to learn from her, but know that she will be able to be an asset to anyone who can acquire her for a teacher in the future. We wish her all the best for her promising career and know that she will be successful in whatever she chooses to put her time to.  She has a polish and quality that is rarely seen in a person of her age and experience." - Leanne Davidson

"Breony has taught my daughter Talitha Speech & Drama for the past 3 years. Breony has a lot of experience in acting and singing and excels in both, which gives her a wide range of skills to offer her students. We have found Breony to be enthusiastic, and thorough in her teaching, She set a high standard and helped Talitha to achieve her very best. Talitha has sat Grade 1, 2 and 3 exams under Breony's tutelage and has passed with either Honours or Honours Plus. We are dissapointed that she will no longer be teaching Talitha because she taught her well and encouraged her to always do her best. We wish Breony all the best for her future." - Isolde Pennings

"[Breony's] voice has the beauty of the Bel Canto trained singer. Her voice leaves nothing to be desired - in my forty years of teaching she would be, musically, my most satisfying pupil..." - Ms. Mona Ross A.R.C.M, F.T.C.L

"She is a highly intelligent and unfailingly positive young woman who puts 100% effort into anything she does. ...Her performance work is polished and uninhibited. She has a fine voice which is used with style and finesse across all the genres we teach here. ...Her musicianship both innate and learned is outstanding. ...Secure in herself, she has a pleasant directness that makes her very easy to work with efficiently. ...I have no hesitation in recommending this honest, hard working and pleasant young woman." - Patrick Power O.N.Z.M

"By the way, the kids really loved their time with you this week, they said they had such fun.  I know learning isn't always about fun, but it is nice to hear them enjoying this at times.” - Leanne via email

“Many thanks for teaching my kids, I know Shantelle is taking it slowly but I love your patience with her.” -Renu via email

"Just wanted to thank you for your tuition of our children. They have benefitted enormously." - Rosemary via email

" did a wonderful job with the three girls last year when you were teaching them speech /drama as well as singing. They always had heaps of fun with the way you conducted those lessons and learnt alot as well." - Louise via email

"Thanks for being the best drama teacher ever! We really enjoyed it." - Westgate Homechooling Group via card

" I have done well (all constraints considered - 54 year old student, how many teachers would do that!) with you, and wish to continue building on that foundation." - Kerry via email

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