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Singing, Speech and Drama Lessons


With Breony Bearman  A.S.B (Sp. & Dr.), BMus(Hons-First Class), L.T.C.L (Singing)

Old Mountain Road, Karamu, Hamilton,

New Zealand



Breony has obtained a Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) in classical vocal performance and has gained a Teacher’s Certificate in Speech and Drama—A.S.B (Associate of NZ Speech Board). She has vast performance experience and knowledge in the areas of public speaking, drama/acting, theatre, vocal pedagogy, opera, speech and correct vowel and consonant shaping. Being an active performer herself, Breony is enthusiastic about helping children and adults build confidence, speak with clarity and passion, and explore different kinds of literature. Breony also enjoys teaching a wide range of singing styles such as opera, jazz, pop and rock and basic music theory.


* Committed to the success of each student

* Lessons designed to meet the specific needs of each student

* Warm and positive environment

* Enthusiastic

* Encouraging

* Flexible

* Motivates students to succeed


No pre-requisites required. Contact Breony for further information or to arrange a lesson time for singing, speech and drama, or both!


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